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SIPA, The Home We Never Say Goodbye—Speech on the Graduation Ceremony of SIPA, 2019

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Professor XIAO Xi, Dean of School of International and Public Affairs


A place of wonder.
A time of learning.
A space for growing.

A way to future.
A realm for seeking.
A chance for courage.

A path to reach back.
A call to action.
A place of wonder


Dear colleagues and friends, my dear students, the outstanding graduating class of 2019


It’s the first time I speak to you as the Dean of School of International and Public Affairs under this roof and witness you so beautifully suited up and dressed in gowns for such a great moment to remember.


Before everything, congratulations for graduating from SIPA JLU, a place that carried your dream and will be your eternal source of strength and inspiration. Your success today writes a splendid page of history of our school and deserves the highest recognition.


Not so long ago when you arrived at SIPA, crossing the threshold of the grand hall of knowledge. You have felt excited and uncertain towards many new things and new experiences, and looked forward to adventures ahead of you. You have wondered what university or graduate life means to you. And you have anticipated, most of all, the cultural shock that China might bring about to people of different cultures. You may have already been worried by your loving parents through phone calls: my dear, is everything alright in China, a place so different and so far away?


And time is now. All the old mentality and thinking must seem to matter much less. And you can smile away those concerns and worries. And I’m quite sure that your parents would not be making that phone call still. Cause China is no longer a mystery or a place in tale books. It’s so real that you can feel, breathe, touch, and embrace with your full heart.


What does China mean to you? It’s a country of distinction, of difference but never of indifference. Its unique status in global affairs and the rising momentum in both growth and development has attracted the attention of the whole world. Now everyone talks about China and would like to know it better. In this sense, you have been promoted through your study here as no better alternative to present a real China and interpret China’s moves. Graduating from China can be one of the best gifts that this country offers to the world in terms of peace making and trust building.


What does university mean to you? It’s an altar of advanced knowledge, a fountain of perennial youth and a train to carry boys and girls onto the platform of adulthood. We had nothing but one dream in university: to turn ourselves into someone more capable and worthy, a better person for the society. It’s also beyond what we can possibly dream: the people we have acquainted and befriended will someday become the source of encouragement, model to follow and the source of strength. Teachers, staff members and classmates will always be the softest and sweetest part of your memory.


What does SIPA mean to you? She is young, she is full of passion, she is determined to make herself the most desirable place of learning. For someday in the not so far future, you will recall the days with the lovely people and say “part of my best life” was left there, and SIPA will take it as the utmost compliment. As the representative of my colleagues from SIPA, I am proud to have you as the honorable graduates; and when that day comes, you will certainly grow the same proud as been an invaluable member of this small but caring family. It is your home forever!


Let’s make a wish at the very moment of parting, that this place will be the witness of a fair and promised reunion. SIPA will always extend her full arms to you, this is not a farewell, but a promise of welcome back!


For the last time, I congratulate your success! Wish all your dream come true.